Apartment Finders, get you into your apartment quickly


1.  Location Service   We help you locate your new apartment anywhere in country.

       Our databases are Country wide.  New York - San Francisco - Miami - Houston - and everywhere in between.



2.  Coaching for Apartment Qualifications  How to fit into most any rental office's criteria.

We understand the position for both the apartment renters and the landlord’s requirements.   We help you understand what it takes

to get into the apartment of your choice.  If you run into trouble, one of our expert renters will call for you to determine what is needed

before you pay to put in another application that may be turned down.  


3.  Strategy for getting into an apartment with a low credit score.  Ways to get around that nasty eviction.  We have a program to test how up to date your eviction is on your report.  Sometimes all it takes is our Credit Restoration Program to remove items that are plaguing your credit reports.  It might be you need to write a few letters.  We will help by composing for you as part of our services to help you.